Cosgrove Law Group, LLC Tangles with US Bancorp Investments in 8-day Arbitration

January, 2016 - David Cosgrove and Luke Baumstark represented a Cosgrove Law Group, LLC client in an 8-day FINRA arbitration against US Bancorp Investments (“US Bancorp”). Cosgrove Law Group filed a claim against US Bancorp on behalf of S.F. for, among other things, filing defamatory U-5 termination reports on S.F.’s professional record, as well as interfering with S.F.’s potential client referrals.

S.F. was fired from US Bancorp in October, 2014. US Bancorp subsequently submitted language on S.F.’s Form U-5 that S.F. is claiming is false and caused him financial and professional damage. Until the FINRA arbitration panel rules upon this matter, S.F.’s claims are only allegations.