Estate Planning

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Cosgrove Law Group, LLC assists its clients in developing effective compliance and training programs. Our attorneys also regularly advise clients in investigations and formal proceedings by federal and state financial regulators and self-regulatory organizations.

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Cosgrove Law Group, LLC has handled many U-5 defamation cases all over the nation. If you believe you are a victim of U-5 defamation, contact us today.

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Cosgrove Law Group, LLC attorneys are experienced in the complex areas of investor fraud.

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Our team has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals against state and federal regulators and SROs, such as FINRA.

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Our Business Litigation team specializes in a host of small business matters including licensing, compliance, and governance.

Estate planning is about more than simply avoiding probate. A person’s estate tells the story of their life long after their death. Where one person may wish to provide a lump sum to their surviving relatives, another may wish that their carefully curated comic book collection be passed to their granddaughter, and yet another may wish that their entire estate be liquidated and donated to the ACLU.  The estate planning attorneys at Cosgrove Law Group, LLC use a client-centric approach to estate planning. We work directly with our clients to identify their needs and goals, limit exposure to probate and taxes, and craft a bespoke estate plan - not just a cookie-cutter will.

Cosgrove Law Group, LLC can help prepare a comprehensive estate plan which may include any number of the following elements based on your individual situation:

  • Last Will & Testament
  • Trust Agreement
  • Living Will Advance Directive
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
  • Beneficiary Deed
  • Identification of Guardian for Minor Children
  • Assignment of Tangible Personal Property
  • Assignment of Digital Assets
  • Asset Transfer Memoranda
  • Assignment of Partnership Interest
  • Designation of Funeral Planning Agent