The Syndicate to Sponsor IMCA Conference in Chicago

February 28, 2014- The Investment Adviser Rep Syndicate (“the Syndicate”) will be sponsoring the Investment Management Consultants Associations’ (“IMCA”) conference in Chicago next week. As part of that honor, David B. Cosgrove, President of the Syndicate and founding Member of the Cosgrove Law Group, will be introducing The Wharton School’s Craig MacKinlay and Pinnacle Advisory Group’s Director of Research, Michael Kitces.

The Syndicate is a new and unique collaborative grass-roots organization founded on the compliance, legal, and business development interests of investment adviser representatives and small to mid-size RIA’s. The Cosgrove Law Group represents various individuals and entities in the financial services industry throughout the nation. IMCA delivers investment consulting and wealth management credentials as well as various educational offerings.