Cosgrove Law Group, LLC to Represent Client in a FINRA U-5 Defamation Arbitration Hearing Next Week

May 30, 2014 – Attorneys from Cosgrove Law Group will be fighting on behalf of our client, S.M., in a FINRA arbitration hearing next week in Baltimore, MD. Cosgrove Law Group filed a claim against Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. on behalf of S.M. in October, 2012 for, among other things, filing defamatory U-5 termination reports on S.M.’s professional record, as well as issuing misleading letters to clients and regulators.

S.M. was fired from Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. in 2011 the day after making a complaint about inappropriate business management conduct by his Branch Manager. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. subsequently submitted language on S.M.’s Form U-5 that S.M. is claiming is false and caused him financial and professional damage. Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. then filed an amendment to the original Form U-5 filing which S.M. is claiming is also false, and allegedly sent letters to S.M.’s clients and to regulators. Until a FINRA arbitration panel rules upon this matter, S.M.’s claims are only allegations. Cosgrove Law Group and S.M. look forward to next week where they will be able to make S.M.’s case in front of the panel