Cosgrove Law, LLC obtains MC 400 approval for client

by Cosgrove Law Group, LLC

June 2010 - Cosgrove Law, LLC recently obtained FINRA approval of an MC 400 application for one of it’s clients. The MC 400 application seeks FINRA approval for a statutorily disqualified person to associate with a Broker-Dealer so that the individual may offer commission based products to his or her clients. The Broker-Dealer which the disqualified individual wishes to associate with must initiate the application process. The arduous MC-400 process seeks approval for the terms and conditions of the proposed association, with special emphasis on the proposed supervision to be accorded the disqualified individual. Cosgrove Law, LLC represented the disqualified individual in this matter and successfully argued for the approval of the application in October of last year before a neutral board of FINRA members.