St. Louis for St. Rock

July, 2016 - David and Sheila Cosgrove are proud to announce the formation of St. Louis for St. Rock ("STL 4 SRH"), a 501c(3) organization. David and Sheila started STL 4 SRH to help facilitate an outreach opportunity for St. Louis to contribute to community programs and projects that are established in the impoverished community of St. Rock, Haiti.  

St. Rock is a small community in Carrefour, Haiti. As an extremely poor and ill-serviced community in a fourth-world county, St. Rock and its citizens have many struggles to overcome. Haiti is the only country in the Americas that is a fourth-world country. They are our neighbors with the most need. 

Fortunately, there are small groups of American volunteers who have established a presence in St. Rock and the immediate surrounding area to provide much needed services such as medical, housing, education, and community services. Sheila has had the opportunity to join some of these volunteers and assist in their efforts to provide the people of St. Rock with a better life.  Sheila has provided direct assistance to the St. Rock Haiti Medical Clinic, St. Rock Haiti Foundation, and the St. Rock Orphanage. Her experiences in Haiti have been life-changing.

STL 4 SRH provides an opportunity to allow St. Louis area residents to learn about St. Rock and its people and to contribute to the betterment of the community and the lives of the people of St. Rock. STL 4 SRH will do this by educating St. Louis area people of the needs in St. Rock, accepting tax deductible contributions for specific projects and services in St. Rock, and connecting volunteers with service opportunities in St. Rock. David and Sheila look forward to growing STL 4 SRH and making a real positive impact in the lives of those living in beautiful St. Rock, Haiti.