Cosgrove Law, LLC Attorneys quoted in BD Week

by Cosgrove Law Group, LLC

October, 2010 – Cosgrove Law, LLC attorneys Richard D. Worth and Kurt J. Schafers were both contacted by BD Week to be used as resources for recent newsletters. Cosgrove Law, LLC attorneys and staff regularly blog about ‘hot topic’ issues in the securities arena. BD Week utilized Mr. Worth as a source for it’s article “Massachusetts court ruling on gag rule has wide implications” published on July 26, 2010. In September of this year, BD Week again turned to Cosgrove Law, LLC and utilized Mr. Schafers as a resource in the article “Arbitrators could refer suspected fraud to FINRA sooner under proposal.”

We were pleased to be a part of BD Week’s efforts to keep the securities industry informed of the ever-changing regulatory landscape. BD Week is a publication providing up to date information on regulatory news and compliance best practices for the securities industry. Cosgrove Law, LLC represents clients in securities arbitrations, litigation, and regulatory matters. We also offer consultation on a wide variety of general compliance matters.