Appellate Law

The attorneys of Cosgrove Law Group, LLC are always prepared to argue before state and federal appellate courts to protect their clients’ rights. Our successful history as trial attorneys enables us to diligently analyze trial errors and gives us the confidence required to effectively represent our clients at the appellate level. While in law school both Richard D. Worth and Kurt J. Schafers had the opportunity to refine their legal writing and analysis while serving on the editorial boards of their schools’ law reviews. Mr. Worth also served as a teaching assistant for Advocacy and Research, whereby he guided first year law students through the entire appellate process. Upon graduation, Mr Worth was inducted into the National Order of Scribes, recognizing five graduating law students who demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and excellence in the area of legal writing. Whether prosecuting or defending an appeal, Cosgrove Law Group, LLC has the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to maximize its clients’ chances of success on appeal.