Internal Investigations

When it appears that a crisis or serious wrongdoing is threatening your company, distracting management from the day-to-day operations of the business and attracting the attention of shareholders, the media or government regulators, a thorough investigation by independent attorneys is the best way to bring a new perspective to a difficult situation. Independent attorneys with no prior relationship to the company or its management or employees can act swiftly and discreetly to identify the exact source and scope of the problem without running the risk that preexisting relationships will cloud the attorney’s judgment or impede the immediacy of the critical task at hand. Conclusions and recommendations that result from an independent investigation will be more credible and more insulated from attack by shareholders and regulators.

The independence of the investigating attorneys will also greatly enhance the company’s position in negotiations that may arise with regulators or prosecutors. Also, complex issues of attorney-client privilege can be simplified or even avoided when new attorneys with no prior relationship to the company are placed in charge of the investigation.

Due to the depth and breadth of his government and private-sector experience, David B. Cosgrove and his partners and staff are able to handle independent internal investigations. If fraud, embezzlement, illegal practices, or corruption on the inside is suspected, our firm can conduct extensive confidential investigations, including the following:

  • Document examination
  • Employee interviews
  • Background checks
  • Financial audits